Guernsey Volleyball Association Constitution Rules 2013-2014

Download a PDF copy of the GVA League Rules here.

1. NAME – The Association shall be known as the Guernsey Volleyball Association.

2. OBJECTIVES – The Objectives of the Association shall be to promote and encourage the game of volleyball in every way possible.

3. RULES AND REGULATIONS – The Rules and Regulations of the Association shall be those currently in force at the International Association, except where stated in the Guernsey Volleyball Association General local league rules.

4. MEMBERSHIP – Members of the Association shall be granted to all Clubs, Schools, Organisations and Individuals, resident within the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

5. OFFICERS – The Executive Committee of the Association shall be:
a) Chairman
Honorary General Secretary
Honorary League Fixtures / Registrations Secretary
Honorary Minutes Secretary
Honorary Registrations Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Honorary Junior Development Liaison Officer
Honorary Development Officer (2 year term)
One Honorary Association Member

In addition the Executive Committee shall appoint a non-voting:
Media Liaison Officer
Referee Liaison Officer
An Auditor

b) The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting
c) All Officers of the Executive Committee shall retire annually, except for the Development Officer who shall be re-elected bi-annually, but shall be eligible for re-election..

6. COMMITTEE MEETINGS – The Committee shall meet at least once monthly during the season and at other times when considered necessary.

7. QUORUM AT COMMITTEE MEETINGS – A meeting of the Committee shall not be held unless five Committee members are present.

8. VOTING AT COMMITTEE MEETINGS – Each member of the Committee shall have one vote except the Chairman who shall only have a casting vote.

a) The Committee shall have the power to deal with and determine all questions relating to fixtures, qualification and eligibility of the players, interpretation of the laws of the game, the Rules of the Association, and any other disputes or complaints. With regard to disputes and appeals, those concerned shall have a hearing. All disputes and appeals shall be accompanied by a deposit of £10.00, which will be forfeited in the event of a dispute or appeal being unsuccessful. All disputes and appeals shall be lodged within 48 hours of the disputed action in writing, to the Secretary.
b) Any member of the Committee missing three consecutive Committee meetings without
reasonable explanation to the Chairman or Honorary Secretary, shall have deemed to have resigned. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt.

c) Under special circumstances the Committee may select a non executive officer.

10. DUTIES OF THE GENERAL SECRETARY – The Secretary or his/her nominated deputy shall attend all the meetings of the Committee and Association. He/she shall prepare all documents, summon meetings when called upon to do so and be responsible for the general working of the Association. All communications shall be addressed to and dealt with by the Secretary.

11. DUTIES OF THE MINUTES SECRETARY – The Minutes Secretary shall keep all the minutes of all that is done in and for the Association.

12. DUTIES OF THE LEAGUE / FIXTURES SECRETARY – The League/Fixtures Secretary shall prepare all league and competition fixtures, circulate to all competing teams and generally supervise the smooth running of the leagues.

13. DUTIES OF THE REGISTRATIONS SECRETARY – The Registration Secretary shall take charge of all player registration cards. During the season the Registration Secretary shall ensure that all league fixtures are played in accordance with the registration rules.

14. DUTIES OF THE TREASURER – The Treasurer shall take charge of all the funds of the Association and keep a clear account of all receipts and expenses. He/she shall promptly render all accounts to debtors and a financial appraisal shall be presented at each meeting of the committee. He/she shall present a detailed statement of accounts and a balance sheet drawn up one calendar month prior to the Annual General Meeting.

15. DUTIES OF THE JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT LIAISON OFFICER -The Junior Development Officer shall be responsible for encouraging the Junior Development of the game.

16. DUTIES OF THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICER -The Development Officer shall be responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating volleyball development programmes.

17. DUTIES OF THE ORDINARY MEMBER – The Ordinary Member shall assist in all Committee
matters and in addition organise social fund raising events.

18. GENERAL FUND – The general fund of the Association shall be lodged at clearing banks or their subsidiaries of the Committees choosing and cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and counter signed by either the Chairman or the General Secretary.

a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held on, or before, the 15th June of the scheduled season which it is terminating.
b) Voting at the Annual General Meeting to be open to the Committee, and all members registered
with the Guernsey Volleyball Association and non playing officials with the Chairman having a
casting vote only.
c) Fifteen voting members will form a quorum.
d) Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all registered clubs/teams and officials at
least 1 month in advance.
e) A member may NOT use an absent members vote under any circumstances.
f) The Annual General Meeting shall have the power to alter the constitution, provided TWO THIRDS of those present vote in favour.
g) If there is less than 50% of the total team membership, there can be NO vote to alter the
h) A proposer and a seconder may only propose and second one candidate for each office.
i) Members of the Annual General Meeting may amend a proposal as long as it is acceptable to the original proposer.

20. EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING – may be so convened –
a) The request of the Committee.
b) On the receipt by the Secretary of a letter from any five affiliated teams/clubs stating precise
reasons for the request.
c) Voting powers shall be the same as at the Annual General Meeting.

a) Existing teams become registered upon receipt of £30.00 for team registration, to be received by a date to be determined by the Committee. Late entries would be considered at the discretion of the Committee.
b) In addition to the team registration fee of £30.00, teams must pay their full league fees, for the
forthcoming season, within one calendar month of notification by the Committee. If payment is not
received the team will have all points deducted, and awarded to their opponent, from the beginning of the season to the date of payment.
A player would become eligible to play on receipt of a completed, signed registration form and a
£10.00 registration fee. A player under the age 18 by 1st September, will become eligible to play on receipt of a completed, signed registration form and a £5.00 registration fee.
c) The individual registration fee was initially introduced to create a GVA player fund, forming a cash pool that teams could apply for if they are playing out of the Island. All money received in respect of ‘player registration’ is to be accounted for separately and the allocation will be decided annually.
d) All teams will be notified by the Executive Committee of their league status after all team
registrations have been received.
e) Any teams playing an unregistered and/or *illegal player shall have their match points deducted
for the offending game, and awarded to their opponents, and the player(s) shall be liable to a
suspension on repetition of the offence.
* illegal player: A player who is already registered for another team in the same division.

22. SELECTION COMMITTEE – The Volleyball Committee shall select coaches for selecting the Island Representative Squads.

a) If a team is splitting up, it must comprise of four or more original players to maintain league status.
b) During the season a team may change its name, with the approval of the Executive Committee.
c) A club consists of two or more teams.
d) A newly formed team will have its league status decided at the discretion of the Committee.

24. ALTERATION TO RULES – No alteration to rules shall be made except at an Annual General
meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Any proposed alterations or additions to the rules
shall be sent in writing to the Association Secretary before the date advised by the Committee. The
Committee must circulate all proposals to all clubs prior to the AGM. Any matters, which are not provided for in the Rules, the decision of the Committee on such matters shall stand. The Committee may draw up and circulate additional rules during the season and such rules shall be brought before the Annual General Meeting for consideration.

25. ENGLISH VOLLEYBALL ASSOCIATION AFFILIATION – Each team affiliating to the Guernsey Volleyball Association each season will automatically be affiliated to the English Volleyball Association.

26. START / END OF SEASON – The Annual General Meeting will officially close the season. The new season starts at the end of the Annual General Meeting.