Steve Le Poidevin

Who is Steve Le Poidevin? Back in the late 70s, Steve created the first volleyball league structure at Beau Sejour and much is owed to him, and others, for the initial creation of local volleyball.

Steve went on to play and coach for Guernsey and became a life-long member of the Guernsey Volleyball Association.

Steve was diagnosed with MS several years ago and the Association is now often involved in local fund-raising events and awareness activities, including the Steve Le Poidevin Vase in Steve’s honour.

The tournament runs for both men’s and ladies’ teams from September to December, with the leagues starting in January.


“Steve Le Poidevin. Friend, Mentor and Inspiration.  Those are the three words that come in to my head when I think of Steve. When I started volleyball 20 odd years ago, I was quickly roped into becoming GVA Secretary (thank you Christine Martel!!) and Steve was chairman of the committee. He was a player, coach and administrator for a sport that he loved, and I grew to love too. His passion, commitment and drive for ‘his’ sport allowed it to flourish under his leadership.

Everyone knew the name Steve Le Poidevin and it was always associated with our beloved sport. He was a person that gained the respect of everyone who he met both on and off the Island as he travelled with the Island teams to events.

Steve taught me so much about the organisation of the sport and to this day I still use things that he taught me all the way back then. I remember with fondness the meals that Dani used to cook us as we would sit down and have a ‘meeting’ about the Guernsey Open, we would chat for hours and I would end up leaving their house way too late !!!

And, those jokes . .  . what more can I say, they weren’t always funny, but that cheeky smile and little giggle would have you laughing anyway . . .  Steve was a great man, and I feel honoured to have had him as a friend, and worked alongside him for all those years, he will be greatly missed on this earth, but never forgotten. RIP Steve xx”

Karen Archenoul