League Rules

Guernsey Volleyball Association League Rules 2013-2014

Download a PDF copy of the GVA League Rules here.

1. All league matches will be played to the best of three or five sets, to be determined by the

2.a) Where a club has teams in more than one division;
(i) A player may not play for any team lower than that for which he/she is registered
(ii) A player may not play on court for more than a total of TWO games for his/her club, outside the team he/she is registered to
(iii) If a player does make a third appearance on court for club teams in a higher division, he/she shall be automatically registered in that team in the higher division for the remainder of the season;
(iv) A senior divisional player may play for another team (under 18) without losing their league status
b) Where a club has more than one team in the same division;
(i) Every club player must be specifically registered in one team or another
(ii) A player can make an appearance on court for a more senior team of the club for a total of TWO games, on the third appearance on court then he/she will automatically be registered for the senior team.
c) A team shall be deemed to represent a number of individuals forming a volleyball team and being affiliated to the Guernsey Volleyball Association.
d) A club shall be deemed to represent two or more teams.

3.a) Player registration takes place annually.
b) Pre-playing season transfer: A player shall be free to register for another club at any time up to 24 hours before the commencement of the new playing season deemed to be 1st September. Player registration comes into force upon the receipt of a registration sheet, and fee given to any Committee member, and may be received up to 24 hrs before the scheduled starting time of the match.
c) Mid-playing season: Any new signings or transfers during the season must be effected on a
registration card obtainable from the Registration Secretary. Application for a transfer after the start of the playing season shall be made in writing by the player to the Secretary and endorsed by an official of the clubs concerned. The player shall state the reason for the application and shall advise his/her club Secretary of the application seven days before the Committee Meeting at which it will be discussed. If the reasons advanced are considered satisfactory, the Committee may  grant the application. A player who has been granted a transfer shall be eligible to play immediately for
his/her new club.
d) Any person under the age of 18 by 1st September is eligible to apply, via their team secretary, to the GVA for a subsidy of up to 50% on all leagues fees for that year.

4. Team captains should complete team sheets before the warm-up.

5. Each member will be able to have a maximum of 9 minutes warm up time, subject to teams
arriving 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
6. All mixed league teams can have a maximum of 3 men and a minimum of 1 man on court at any one time with the exception of an under 16 team fielding a minimum of any 5 under 16 players at the discretion of the committee. The players must be under 16 as at the 1 September of that season.

7. Beau Sejour Centre rules and regulations must be observed.

8.a) The Men’s, Ladies and Mixed first division teams must wear uniformed shirts and shorts and have numbers to be 15cms (minimum) high on the chest and numbers 20cms (minimum) high on the back of their shirts, these numbers to be between 1 – 18. A fine of £10.00 per item, for each offence, will be imposed. Teams / officials are responsible for notifying any transgressions on the score sheet.
b) All other divisions, apart from those stated in 8a, must wear numbered shirts. A fine of £5.00 per item for each offence will be imposed. Teams / officials are responsible for notifying any
transgressions on the score sheet.
c) Team colours of shorts and shirts must be submitted at time of initial player registration. Any
change during the season must be notified to the Committee in writing.
d) All teams must complete line up sheets prior to the start of each set.

9. A team must start the game with six players on court, if they are unable to field six players at the scheduled starting time they lose the match. Should a player become injured and unable to continue at any time during the game the team will be allowed to continue and will not forfeit the match.

10. No application for change of fixtures will be entertained unless:-
(i) The courts are cancelled by Beau Sejour
(ii) The courts are required by the Committee for entertaining visiting teams, or special competitions
(iii) A selected representative team is playing out of the Island, and two or more players from any one team is involved in the out of Island match.
(iv) Notice is given in writing to the Fixtures Secretary, no later than the 15th August. Teams are allowed to submit a maximum of two dates
(v) Teams applying must provide written requests detailing reasons for change.

11. The league structure will depend on the number of teams entered and at the discretion of the Committee.

12.(a) The first HOME team will provide a minimum of three officials for the second game
The second AWAY team will provide a minimum of three officials for the first game
The second HOME team will provide a minimum of three officials for the third game
Unless otherwise stated.
(b) Even though a team may have no game for the proper reasons, as mentioned in Rule 10, they must still honour their refereeing duties for that evening. Failing to provide any one of their three officials will result in the offending team being fined £10.00 for each official, on each occasion and subject of the discretion of the Committee. Teams are responsible for advising the Committee of any transgressions.
13. Promotion and relegation shall be dependent on the composition of the leagues
(a) A play off, if required shall be arranged by the League Fixtures Secretary to decide upon
promotion, relegation and divisional winners.
(b) Any club failing to play on the fixed date shall be adjudged to have lost the match except as
stated in League Rule 10 (i) (ii) (iii).

14. It is the duty of the WINNING Captain to place the score sheet in the box provided situated by the entrance to the sports hall at Beau Sejour Centre, at the end of the match. Points will not be awarded if this practice is not adhered to.

15. Development League teams will be allowed to field one 1st division male / 1st division female or 1st division mixed player at any one time to actively encourage proceedings for their assigned team – at the discretion of the committee.

16. The Guernsey Volleyball Association will circulate and introduce any amendments to the rules of the game, implemented by the International Rules.

17. It is the duty of both teams to nominate a player of the match from the opposing side, to be
written in the appropriate area of the score sheet, at the end of the match. It is the duty of the
officiating team to ensure this is adhered to, before the score sheet is signed off by the 1st official.